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The Druze of the Levant, from the Past to the Present

The Druze faith is isolationist and highly insular. It does not permit conversion, either away from or to their religion. In general, marriage outside the faith is uncommon and frowned upon. The religion is also secretive, with practices that are unknown even to some members.

In Lebanon, Endemic Corruption Undermining Economy, Accountability

Reforms to the public sector and judiciary are needed to address the corruption at the heart of Lebanon’s economic crisis. However, all efforts could be in vain if the political elite continues to pocket the country’s wealth and act contrary to the public interest.

Riad al-Turk, the ‘Old Man of the Syrian Opposition’

Indeed, after Bashar al-Assad took over from his father, al-Turk played a large role in the so-called Damascus Spring, a period of political debate and demands for democratic change in June 2000. In August 2001, al-Turk appeared on al-Jazeera calling for all political factions to unite. “What we need today is reconciliation, and [we] have to work for a new future, forgetting mistakes of the past. In the past, we had a problem with the dictator, and now that problem is over – the dictator is dead,” he said.

Nabih Berri: Lebanon’s Great Survivor

Nabih Berri is perceived as intelligent, dedicated and honest, with good political instincts and the ability to change when needed in order to maintain his position and party. However, his heavy involvement and current long-lasting position in the Parliament make of him an unavoidable figure of Lebanese political life.

Environment a Victim of War in Iraq, Syria

According to the United Nations Environment Programme “ Environment can be used as a kind of weapon of war in that sort of strategy within a conflict to increase the damage to the local population,”. Unfortunately, the environment is frequently a secondary concern for people recovering from war.