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In Lebanon, COVID-19 and LGBTQ: Struggle Magnified

Besides the risk of homelessness, or the risk of domestic violence, many LGBTIQ+ individuals with a low socio-economic status were struggling to secure their basic needs.

Rebuilding the Port of Beirut: a competition for geopolitical influence

Indeed, France, or any other country, is unlikely to invest in the infrastructure before structural changes have been implemented. Even then, France’s prominent role in pushing for reforms places it in a privileged position to unlock the situation and win over the Port of Beirut.

Can Palestinians Withstand Lebanon’s Multi-Layered Crisis

Since the blast, many workers in Lebanon were laid off while non-Lebanese staff have been expelled, particularly Palestinian workers, in sectors like agriculture and construction.

Music and Dance

Saudi folk music has been shaped by the nomadic Bedouins and the pilgrims who brought musical influences from around the world. Dance is also popular among Saudis. The national dance is the men’s sword dance known as the arda.

Lebanon Between Two Fires: Political Suicide or Giving Enough Time to Civil Society?

The political class is also divided over whether to hold early elections. These divisions reflect the fault lines that date back to the withdrawal of Syrian troops from the country in 2005.

Who is Michel Aoun?

In a historic turn of events and after the endorsement of his decade-long rivals in the 14 March alliance, army commander Samir Geagea and Future Movement leader Saad Hariri, Aoun was elected president on 31 October at the 46th electoral session of the Lebanese parliament. Now dubbed ‘the father of all’, Aoun is attempting to serve his term as a president who is at an equal distance from all.