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Libya Faces Obstacles to Peace Ahead of Tough Political Talks

For Libyans, one concern with the talks is that it doesn’t prioritize accountability. Hanan Saleh, a Senior Researcher for Human Rights Watch (HRW), writes that the current framework promises immunity for those who have committed unlawful killings and arrests. She adds that the process of integrating fighters into state security services doesn’t have a strict vetting system.

Turkey-Greece conflict in eastern Mediterranean is less about gas than vaccuum left by Trump

There is a sense that all parties want to take advantage of this, onshore and offshore, before the US elections. It is oddly this vacuum, rather than fossil fuels, that is fanning regional rivalries. With the US withdrawn, Moscow continuing its opaque brinkmanship and the EU split over Turkey, the scene is unfortunately set for more instability to come.

Governance & Politics

The overthrow of the Gaddafi regime was organized by a self-appointed National Transitional Council (NTC), which provided the political leadership in the struggle. Originally based in Benghazi, it moved to Tripoli after the fighting was over and took charge as an interim government until the elections of July 2012. The NTC’s main challenges were imposing order, disbanding the former rebel forces,

Turkey and Libya’s Maritime Deal: Partnership or Poisoned Chalice?

If Turkey is forced to drastically up its military commitment to Libya to combat Egypt’s support (beyond the recently agreed bill to deploy troops to Libya), then Ankara may come to regret its rush to secure its maritime rights.

Libya: why enforcing an arms embargo is so hard

A stable truce in Libya needs an efficient arms embargo. The ultimate beneficiaries of such an embargo – the Libyan population – are unlikely to see any improvements soon. The years of international meddling have led to many countries having steadfast interests in Libya, and as it currently stands, no one is willing to take losses.