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Libya’s Media Landscape: An Overview

After the 2011 revolution and the ouster of the Gaddafi regime, the transitional government opted to abolish the main newspapers of the Gaddafi era and establish new ones. Private print publications, websites, television and radio stations began to emerge rapidly in this new era of media openness. However, the country’s subsequent civil war and ongoing conflicts have led to a chaotic media environment.

As UN Climate Change Conference in Marrakech Approaches, What is the State of Morocco’s National Security?

What is the state of security today in Morocco? An initial answer would be that the country is still vulnerable for a number of reasons. According to recent reports, Moroccan jihadists are continuing to join IS in Libya and are increasing communication and coordination with sympathizers back home.

Iraqi Judiciary Hanging in the Balance

The demonstrators accused the judiciary of corruption and serving influential officials in successive Shiite-dominated governments. The accusations directly targeted Midhat al-Mahmud, chief justice of the Iraqi Supreme Judicial Council and president of the Iraqi Supreme Federal Court. One of the accusations against al-Mahmud was that his verdicts were aligned largely with the policies of former Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki.

Libya Under Three Governments

As the General National Congress (GNC) government in Tripoli and the Tobruk government (House of Representatives) remain, Sarraj’s GNA is Libya’s de facto third government. Libyan citizens see no improvement on the ground and feel only despair. In fact, Libya mirrors a divided international community that is unable to agree on fundamentals such as the fight against terror and the security of human beings.

Redrawing the Map of the Middle East to Defeat the Islamic State

The complicated rivalries among Turkey, Iran, and Saudi Arabia and the increasingly sectarian outlook of the conflict in Syria opened the door for proposals to redraw the borders of the region’s countries, perhaps going as far as to suggest the establishment of both a new “Sunni” state in areas now under the control of IS in Syria and Iraq and a Kurdish state. While countries such as Libya do not suffer the kinds of sectarian division that prevail in Syria, Iraq, and Yemen, these are replaced by tribal and regional rivalries that open the door to possible divisions of the countries.

The UN Quagmire in Libya

The Skhirat talks, which Leon signed and were celebrated by the international media, are continuing, and there has been no practical effect on the accords. The war is raging, and Libya’s fragmentation continues. The failure of the United Nations and the international community is a fact. Libya remains a case study of what happens when a war is planned without simultaneous plans for reconstruction.