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In Israel, Failure to Form Coalition Government Leaves Politics in Flux

For its part, the Blue and White party has stated that it does not see any need to join forces with any other party. On the right, the final picture is unclear. Some former party leaders are returning, or trying to return, to the Likud party in an attempt to secure entry to the next Knesset.

Israeli Elections: The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same

Yet a deeper explanation of the results lies not only with the tactics employed but also with changing demographics in Israeli society and growing internal divisions. It is also important to note the years of relative calm Israelis have experienced despite the con-inued occupation. Indeed, the occupation was rarely mentioned during the election campaign, except by the small parties on the left. Nor was the economy much of an issue. People may complain about the cost of living, especially the cost of housing, or poor hospital conditions. But the past several years have seen no economic crisis, and the economy appears to be running smoothly.

In Israel, Human Rights NGOs Face Bullying and Defunding

Most Israeli, Palestinian and international NGOs that fight against the Israeli occupation of Palestine face the same problem: vilification by Israel. For the Palestinian NGOs, there is an extra hardship: financial cuts by the United States (US).

The right-wing origins of the Jerusalem soccer team that wants to add ‘Trump’ to its name

It’s unlikely, however, that it will be officially implemented. First, it contradicts the bylaws of the Israel Football Association, which states that teams can only be named after dead people. Second, many Beitar Jerusalem fans are vocally opposing the proposed name change on social media.

Israel Flip-Flops on Asylum Seekers’ Plan

Netanyahu has caved into the pressure of his coalition and the media campaign, leaving asylum seekers and the residents of south Tel Aviv in limbo and without a concrete plan for dealing with the asylum seekers in Israel.

Netanyahu’s Popularity Unchanged, Despite Corruption Charges

Netanyahu popularity remains unchanged in 2018 even after he has been questioned in some four cases, mainly of corruption but possibly also bribery. Thus, the future of Netanyahu and his coalition remain a major question, although it appears unlikely that any of the four cases will end in indictment.