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The Saudi Quest for Media Control

The only space that has not been bought or seized by MBS is social media. After the crown prince announced his Vision 2030, which he is undertaking to reduce the kingdom’s dependency on oil, there was much debate on social media about whether the vision is achievable.

Poet Nawaf al-Rashid Detained Amid Spate of Arbitrary Arrests in Saudi Arabia

The arrest comes at the same time that Saudi Arabia has detained a number of prominent women’s rights activists, ironically just ahead of the date set to lift the ban on women driving in the kingdom. The arrests of both the activists and al-Rashid have provoked an outcry from rights groups and a statement of concern from the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, but so far international action has been limited.

Women’s Rights Activists Detained in Saudi Arabia Despite ‘Reforms’

Women’s rights activists are ironically being punished for pushing the same agenda that led Saudi Arabia to lift the driving ban in the first place – and been praised internationally for it. However, the arrests are looking increasingly like a way to silence the activists in order to avoid having to give more rights to women.

Shia Cleric Wins Iraqi Elections in Surprise Upset

Al-Sadr’s surprise election win could be seen as a vote for Iraqi independence from foreign powers – meaning from Iran as well as the US. It might also give a boost to Iran’s regional rival, Saudi Arabia, which has been trying to strengthen its ties with Iraq.

Homosexuality in Saudi Arabia: A Story of Persecution, Guilt and Secrecy

There is considerable space for homosexual relations. The only rule is that gays and lesbians must conform to the norms of the country’s Wahhabi doctrine in public. In private, Saudi authorities often have little suspicion of homosexual relations when people of the same sex are alone together.