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Turning the tide: Israel’s strategy in Africa

One of the reasons underlying in Israel’s interest for the continent is the existence of a significant Lebanese diaspora in Africa. Part of the latter is suspected of funding the Lebanese Shia party Hezbollah, which Israel perceives as a terrorist group and a direct threat to its security. As a consequence, Israel has encouraged national businessmen to invest in countries considered as inclined to this Lebanese influence, such as Liberia or Côte d’Ivoire.

Trump in the Middle East

More aggressive to US enemies, arguably more erratic with US allies and with the financial benefit to the US at the centre of his foreign policy, Trump’s involvement in the Middle East has not been a stabilizing factor in one of the most turbulent periods of the region’s recent history. With at least two years left in the White House, it is too early to say what his lasting legacy in the Middle East will be, but the signs do not point to a positive one.

Trump, Turkey and the Kurds: Best Friends, Worst Enemies

But the real question is, what will the Kurds do? Initially following Trump’s pull-out tweet, an SDF alliance with the regime of Bashar al-Assad and Russia seemed most likely. There were early signs of the SDF reaching out to both parties and protesting the US move. Within days, pro-al-Assad forces were reportedly moving into areas previously dominated by the SDF.

Khashoggi Case Puts Saudi Actions in Yemen Front and Center

The assassination of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi on 2 October 2018 while he was inside the Saudi consulate in Istanbul prompted a multitude of reactions from the international community, particularly regarding Saudi Arabia, whose authorities are suspected to have ordered the killing. At the forefront of these reactions is how to address arms deals with the kingdom.

No, Trump is not like Obama on Middle East policy

Obama wanted to calm the waters in the Middle East, then shift the burden of policing it to America’s partners there, such as Israel and Saudi Arabia, as the United States had done during the Cold War. Hence, his policies were aimed at the withdrawal of U.S. forces from the region, forging an Iran nuclear deal and restarting negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians. With U.S. forces gone from Syria, so is a check on Iranian ambitions to expand its military presence and political influence there – much to the horror of officials not only in the United States, but in Saudi Arabia and Israel as well.