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In Jordan, Both Citizens and Refugees are Included in the Covid-19 Vaccine Plan

Jordan, along with Turkey and Lebanon, have hosted more than its fair share of refugees, the Syrians accounted for more than 10% of Jordan’s population, placing immense pressure on the country’s over-stretched resources.

In Israel, The Loss of the Friend of the Right-Wing Elements

The Trump administration abandoned past official US objections to the building of Jewish settlements in the West Bank, as illegal or at least as “obstructions to peace.” The new policy supported Israeli settlement building.

Palestine’s COVID Nightmare Scenario Has Arrived

The cost of the pandemic has been tremendous, ranging from 7 to 35% of GDP, depending on estimates while the World Bank estimates that the Palestinian GDP to contract by at least 8%.

Profile: Jordan’s Prince Zeid bin Raad al-Hussein

He has been outspoken about the wave of fascism and religious radicalism around the world. He accused US President Donald Trump of breaking taboos by suggesting bringing back torture, and warned world powers against undermining civil liberties in the fight against terrorism. He criticized Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte’s support for extrajudicial killings, and British Prime Minister Theresa May’s threat to change human right laws if they got in the way of the war on terror.

UAE and Israeli Settlers Find Common Ground in Jerusalem

The interests of the Emirates in Jerusalem intersect with the interests of the Israeli settlers there. These interests collide with those of the Palestinians and Jordanians.

Palestinians Reverting to Familiar Policy Patterns is Formula for Failure

For now, the Palestinian leadership’s inability to adjust and reformulate its approach to relations with the US only offers deep dismay and frustration for Palestinians.

Normalization and the Dividing Line between the Humanitarian and Political Factors

Neither relationships between humans, nor humanitarian ties lead to normalization. Rather, normalization is based on accepting the Israeli narrative and establishing ties with Israel.