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Nadine Labaki’s Anthem of Resistance

With Lebanon hosting well over a million refugees, Labaki said that the sights of begging street children compelled her to produce a film about their daily reality. Motivated to expose their ordeal, Labaki spent four years building relationships with Beirut’s most marginalized families. On her journey, she saw the dark confines where refugees and undocumented persons languish.

Buffer Zone on Syrian Border: Why the Turkish Obsession?

Erdogan is under growing pressure at home to find a solution to tensions, perceived and real, between Syrian refugees and the Turkish communities hosting them. The slowing Turkish economy, in particular, has provoked rising anti-Syrian sentiment, with hard-up Turks quick to blame Syrians for their troubles. The buffer zone has long presented a publicly palatable way to push Syrians back into Syria, regardless of their connection to the region or even their willingness to go back. In recent months, Turkey has been forcibly deporting Syrians across the border, despite claiming the contrary, in a move that is no doubt designed to ease public criticism of the government’s management of the country’s Syrian population.

Turkey’s Shifting Policy Towards Syrian Refugees

This widespread hostility prompted Erdogan to undertake a drastic policy shift. Some measures aim to decrease the visibility of Syrian refugees, including removing Arabic shop signs across the country in an effort to appease public acrimony over their presence.

Syria’s Yarmouk Refugee Camp Closed Completely, Pending Reconstruction

The actual situation in the camp remains unclear. The residents have demanded that they be allowed to return to their houses, most of which have been reduced to rubble. The regime has refused the demand and continues to make promises about reconstruction, so far with few results.

“Flash-in-the-Pan” Development in Egypt?

Two conclusions for German politics from this precarious situation should be drawn: Firstly, the German government should make its own assessment of the economic reforms and strongly urge the IMF to explicitly identify obvious problems, such as the expansion of the military within the economy. Secondly, Germany should address the question of how to respond to future requests for support from the Egyptian government.

With Few Legal Protections, Migrant Workers in Lebanon Exploited, Abused

One domestic worker dies every week in Lebanon from unnatural causes such as suicide, failed escape or murder, according to a report published by Human Rights Watch (HRW) in 2008. ‘Interviews with embassy officials and friends of domestic workers who committed suicide suggest that forced confinement, excessive work demands, employer abuse and financial pressures are key factors pushing these women to kill themselves or risk their lives,’ the report stated.

Human Rights in Qatar

Even if human rights in Qatar have improved since Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani seized power in 1995, they are not considered as good by international organizations. The main concerns relate to freedom of expression, association and peaceful assembly as well as the precarious situation of migrant workers.

Situation of Syrian Refugee Children

UNICEF estimates that over 80 per cent – around 8.4 million children of Syria’s child population have had their lives shaped by violence, by fear and displacement, and have been affected by the conflict.

Palestinian Camps in Lebanon

Lebanon has been one of the destinations of Palestinian refugees since 1948 and it hosts today 12 sites and 449,957 registered refugees. According to UNRWA reports, half of the Palestinian refugee population in Lebanon is 25 years of age and younger, rendering the population majorly youthful. Additionally, around 62% of the refugee population are inhabitants of camps, while the remaining 38% are either dispersed around the country or reside in gatherings in the vicinity of these camps, yet they are not part of the official settlements and do not receive the same services registered refugees do.