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“Flash-in-the-Pan” Development in Egypt?

Two conclusions for German politics from this precarious situation should be drawn: Firstly, the German government should make its own assessment of the economic reforms and strongly urge the IMF to explicitly identify obvious problems, such as the expansion of the military within the economy. Secondly, Germany should address the question of how to respond to future requests for support from the Egyptian government.

With Few Legal Protections, Migrant Workers in Lebanon Exploited, Abused

One domestic worker dies every week in Lebanon from unnatural causes such as suicide, failed escape or murder, according to a report published by Human Rights Watch (HRW) in 2008. ‘Interviews with embassy officials and friends of domestic workers who committed suicide suggest that forced confinement, excessive work demands, employer abuse and financial pressures are key factors pushing these women to kill themselves or risk their lives,’ the report stated.

Palestinian Camps in Lebanon

Lebanon has been one of the destinations of Palestinian refugees since 1948 and it hosts today 12 sites and 449,957 registered refugees. According to UNRWA reports, half of the Palestinian refugee population in Lebanon is 25 years of age and younger, rendering the population majorly youthful. Additionally, around 62% of the refugee population are inhabitants of camps, while the remaining 38% are either dispersed around the country or reside in gatherings in the vicinity of these camps, yet they are not part of the official settlements and do not receive the same services registered refugees do.

Hanan al-Hroub, Palestinian Refugee and ‘World’s Best Teacher’

In al-Bireh al-Hroub works with children who have suffered all kinds of trauma. To help them cope, she developed a game-based teaching technique that builds confidence and self-esteem. She initially used the method with her own children, who were left traumatized after being shot at by Israeli soldiers at a checkpoint in 2000.

Sabine Choucair, A Lebanese Artist with Bubbles

Despite Sabine’s continuous efforts for more than ten years, her social work became obvious only after the outbreak of the Syrian war in 2011, followed by the refugee crisis that brought more than a million Syrians into Lebanon. Sabine decided to lead a workshop titled “Seeing the Self” to help teenagers and the victims of war and family and social violence to express themselves, writing about their experiences and turning them into short documentary films, with the help of specialized directors. This workshop produced about 19 short films that were entered in famous festivals around the world; some of them even became award-winning films. Most importantly, these films helped their heroes overcome difficult circumstances.