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Morocco’s Windy Future

Morocco’s green strategy endeavours to increase threefold the income of nearly 3 million people living in rural areas. However, green investment is not without its challenges and requires more than money to realize its lofty targets.

Cocaine Seizure Stirs Up Algerian Politics Ahead of Presidential Elections

The implication of government officials in drug trafficking is not surprising, Matthew Herbert, a research fellow with the Global Initiative Against Transnational Organized Crime, told Fanack Chronicle. “This mirrors similar efforts by traffickers and businessmen to corrupt government officials at other points along cocaine trafficking routes, such as Guinea-Bissau or Mali,” he said. “What is surprising is that the Algerian officials were openly linked to the case. Usually such affairs are kept fairly quiet.”

Is Algeria North Africa’s New Migration Hub?

As a result of these measures, sub-Saharan migrants and refugees trying to cross North Africa have been forced to stay in Algeria, a trend that has fuelled anti-migrant sentiment and xenophobia among Algerians. In the spring of 2017, the controversial online campaign ‘No to Africans in Algeria’, which framed sub-Saharan migrants as a threat, went viral and heralded a significant political shift to the right.