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Calling Houthis “Terrorists” Won’t Bring Peace to Yemen

A country said to be enduring one of the worst humanitarian crises in the world should be afforded measures making aid work easier rather than harder, said international NGOs.

Erdogan positions powerful Turkish military as backbone of regional strategy

Turkey is likely to diversify between the soft and hard power to achieve its regional aspirations. The role of the Turkish army is therefore vital for Ankara.

An End to the Blockade on Qatar, Not the Crisis

Analysts, however, note that reconciliation has far from resolving the crisis. In the immediate term, the move was to allay concerns from the Saudis’ powerful allies while the meat of the agreement is to come later.

Loujain al-Hathloul, The Brave Face of Resistance in Saudi Arabia

Loujain al-Hathloul is a brave young woman who believes in change and rights to all. Which is perceived by the authorities of Saudi Arabia as an act of terrorism.

France, Belgium and Austria Move into the Frontline of a Battle for the Soul of Islam

Interests of France, Belgium and Austria are in line with those of the UAE and Saudi Arabia regarding the spirit and identity of Islam.

Saudia Arabia is still not condemned over rights abuses by the international community

Saudi Arabia has removed some of the aspects of the male guardianship system, including allowing women to drive and travel without restriction, and women are being encouraged to obtain higher education and join the workforce.

Saudi rushes to improve its image in advance of G20 and Biden

Hosting G20 summit put pressure on Saudi Arabia to improve its human rights record and to compromise about war in Yemen. To find out more, read the following article.