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In Egypt, Sinai Residents Face a Living Hell

For decades, the residents of North Sinai have suffered marginalization and the absence of a state presence, resulting in difficult living conditions, widespread unemployment, poverty, disease and an extremist ideology that has found fertile ground.

Combatting Radicalization in Egypt: the Gap between Theory and Practice

Egypt’s strategy to combat these groups has primarily relied on a security crackdown – specifically on the Muslim Brotherhood – and large-scale military operations against IS in North Sinai. At the same time, the state has set about ‘renewing religious discourse’. President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi has repeatedly called for a more moderate version of Islam, although the efficacy of the approach to prevent and counter radicalization has been questioned.

No Illusions about Al-Sisi’s Second Term after new Wave of Arrests in Egypt

In any case, the wave of arrests over the past weeks shows that the regime of Al-Sisi is planning to follow the path it has chosen since his takeover in 2013: Crushing opposition and gradually closing any space for public dissent.

Can Terrorism Be Eradicated in Egypt’s Sinai Region?

There is no doubt that this operation is not the same as the ones launched in the past. The Egyptian army announced that it aims to achieve four objectives: tightening control over border posts, eliminating terrorist outposts, immunizing local populations against extremist ideologies and tackling the crime rate, which has soared amid the instability.

Presidential Elections That Are No Election in Egypt

The regime maintains that the elections are genuine. Through the many banners – there are a few for Moussa as well – and rallies, it wants to push the narrative that the elections are an actual race and that al-Sisi has near-unconditional support from the people to serve a second term.

Egypt Paves the Way for Smooth Re-election of President al-Sisi

Since mid-November 2017, numerous banners have appeared in Cairo bearing a large portrait of al-Sisi and reading, ‘We all stand with you for the sake of Egypt’. Without being an official candidate, al-Sisi’s re-election campaign is already in full swing.

Crackdown on Egypt’s LGBT Community Continues, with Popular Support

The 16 alleged homosexuals were sentenced to three years in prison in late November 2017. However, 67 MPs proposed a draft bill to outlaw same-sex relationships, promoting homosexuality, promoting or advertising LGBT gatherings and displaying, promoting, selling or producing LGBT symbols.

Two Bloodbaths and a Security Reshuffle: Is Egypt Losing Its War on Terror?

In a best-case scenario, the horrific mosque attack will create a backlash against IS, which the state could capitalize on by improving relations with civilians and ensuring local support. However, a speech given by Egyptian President Abdel_Fattah_alSisi on 29 November 2017 struck a less hopeful tone.