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Steps Sudan must take to prevent future flood destruction

Sudan has historically suffered from a significant number of floods. However, the measures taken to deal with such a great danger are still insufficient. To know more, read the following article.

Economy of Sudan

Sudan is a poor country, despite its potential resources. Sudan’s economy is basically agricultural, with inadequate infrastructure and ridden by civil wars and social and ethnic conflict. The government is attempting to develop non-petroleum sources of revenues, such as gold mining, while carrying out an austerity programme to reduce expenditures.

Sudanese Novelist Leila Aboulela Becomes International Figure Through Religion, Alienation

“I started writing from day one. I wanted to clarify the psychology and emotions of someone who has a religious creed. I was very interested in going deep, not just looking at Islam as a cultural or political identity, but as a more essential component. Therefore, faith in my literary works is deeper than identity and more important than gender, nationality, class or race. At the same time, I do not deny or overlook such elements.”

Immense Challenges Ahead for Sudan’s New Prime Minister

Despite the immense challenges Abdalla Hamdok faces, his appointment can be seen as a turning point in Sudanese politics. He has been unanimously accepted by opposing civilian and military leaders. Furthermore, he does not belong to the traditional Sudanese elite.

The Sudan Uprising and its possibilities: regional revolution, generational revolution, and an end to Islamist politics?

The 1964 October Revolution saw a generational transition within a small elite – hopefully this time it will be more comprehensive. The university students today are more diverse in terms of gender, ethnicity and regional origin than was the case in the 1960s. They are not encumbered by the old way of doing politics that binds the older men, and they may well move away from the strict dichotomy of Islamism and secularism.

No Easy Ride: Women in Sudan’s New Government already Targeted

Yet despite this apparent advance in gender equality, the appointment triggered a debate in Sudan about the role and quality of women’s representation in the government of Abdalla Hamdok, a veteran economist who was sworn in as prime minister of the country’s transitional cabinet on 6 September.