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Sudan is a Source, Transit Point for Human Trafficking

Nearly three million people in Sudan are at risk of human trafficking and illegal immigrations. Foreign refugees, especially from South Sudan and Eritrea, account for 900,000 of the immigrants, while the number of Sudanese internally displaced because of security and civil unrest is estimated at 2.2 million. Sudan ranks second among the countries hosting foreign refugees.

Human Rights in Sudan Raise Domestic, International Concerns

It seems that tangible progress in human rights not only depends on the efforts of Sudanese civil society, which has been severely hampered by government restrictions, but also on the pressure exerted by the international community on the government, which needs international acceptance more than ever.

Follow the Money: EU Accused of Funding Sudanese Militias in Migrant Crackdown

It appears that the EU has financed Sudan’s repressive security services indirectly. UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, which receives a good portion of the money from the EU to combat smugglers and traffickers, has admitted to providing motorbikes to Sudan’s National Security Service (NSS). The NSS is known for hunting down Sudanese political suspects both in and outside the country.

Rap Music in Sudan

Rap in Sudan tend to address issues that are relevant to the Sudanese youth, such as political and economic corruption, education, health, drug proliferation, love and marriage. However, the main problem lies in the failure of the media which focuses on all types of artistic expression except rap music.