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The Sudan Uprising and its possibilities: regional revolution, generational revolution, and an end to Islamist politics?

The 1964 October Revolution saw a generational transition within a small elite – hopefully this time it will be more comprehensive. The university students today are more diverse in terms of gender, ethnicity and regional origin than was the case in the 1960s. They are not encumbered by the old way of doing politics that binds the older men, and they may well move away from the strict dichotomy of Islamism and secularism.

No Easy Ride: Women in Sudan’s New Government already Targeted

Yet despite this apparent advance in gender equality, the appointment triggered a debate in Sudan about the role and quality of women’s representation in the government of Abdalla Hamdok, a veteran economist who was sworn in as prime minister of the country’s transitional cabinet on 6 September.

Sudan’s Military and Opposition Forces Sign Historic Constitutional Declaration

Regionally and internationally, the agreement was met with a sigh of relief. Concerns that Sudan might follow in the footsteps of war-torn Libya, Syria and Yemen loomed large as the country entered its eighth month of unrest and sporadic violence without a real government. These concerns were compounded when Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Qatar, which were all heavily involved in the bloody developments in the other three countries, began to intervene in Sudan overtly and covertly.

In Sudan, Revolution Propelled by Women

Women have emerged as the symbol of the popular protest movement that eventually toppled al-Bashir on 11 April. They inspired young people after facing live ammunition and tear gas, verbal and physical violence, arrest and harassment in prison in a concerted effort to discourage women from joining the protest marches.

Sudan Revolution Flounders as Disagreements Deepen

The deepening disagreements have caused the negotiations to stall, with both sides accusing the other of having ambitions to assume power. With the negotiations still on hold, the fate of the revolution remains unclear as fears grow that it may be aborted before it achieves its aims.

Songs of Freedom: the Soundtracks of Political Change in Sudan

But whatever happens, the protesters have persevered, united by a common goal and guided by nationalist songs of freedom – songs that will ultimately be etched in Sudan’s history records.

The Revolution in Sudan: Let it Fall

The years of egotistical tactics, corruption, injustice and systematic violence against civilians are ending. The people have spoken and unmasked the tyrants of dogma. They cannot hide anymore. The Sudanese youth are chanting: We denounce the religious brokers. Let it fall. It is already falling apart, and the Sudanese are well prepared to claim their country back.

As Sudan Protests Continue, Russia, China, Turkey Vow Not to Abandon al-Bashir

During his long tenure, al-Bashir has shown himself to be capable and resourceful when it comes to playing on regional and international alliances and disputes. He appears to be using his experience in the current crisis, but it may not help him for long because the worsening economic situation and the weeks of unrest have greatly weakened him, making him an easy prey to regional rivals.