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In Turkey, Life for Syrian Refugees and Kurds is Becoming Increasingly Violent

Increase of violence in Turkey against Kurds and Syrian refugees is a result of the nationalist policies, othering, polarisation and impunity.

Turkey and Russia Deploy Syrians to Foreign Wars

For Turkey and Russia, deploying Syrian fighters is a low-risk endeavour. The strategy prevents both countries from sending their own troops to faraway lands, enabling Ankara and Moscow to evade domestic pressure if the war goes awry. The callous calculation illustrates that both Turkey and Russia — two of the most active imperial powers in the Middle East today – have zero regard for Syrian lives.

Economy of Syria

The World Bank has classified Syria’s economy as having a lower middle income level within the region Middle East & North Africa. Syria’s economy is essentially state-run, although it has remained partly private, as for example the retail trade businesses.

In Syria’s Overcrowded al-Hol Camp, Islamic State Ideology Spreading ‘Uncontested’

According to international law, the detention-like conditions in al Hol camp contravene prohibitions on collective punishment, and detention during wartime must be done on a clear legal basis. Detainees have the right to challenge their captivity before a court, according to HRW.