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The ISIS comeback is happening – but the west isn’t learning any lessons

It is becoming ever clearer that the movement is transforming itself at a much faster rate than expected, even as the US president seeks to bring the troops back from Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria. In the short term he may win some political advantage, and it might even help his re-election bid, but the reality is that we are actually in a relative lull in a very long conflict, even if western leaders remain convinced that military power has been the right answer, even after 19 years of failure.

Did Yemen Just Sink Deeper into a Quagmire?

The Houthis, who have received support from Iran, maintain a grip on key central and northern provinces and have stepped up attacks on Saudi cities in response to the Coalition’s incessant aerial bombing campaign. “Hadi and his government have [had] major problems with legitimacy,”

Suicide Bombings in Tunisia Prompt Security Clampdown as Elections Near

Tunisian’s anti-terrorism law, approved in July 2015, was a reaction to the panic following the major attacks that year. Human rights organizations said that the law could open the door to practices tantamount to torture and have an authoritarian backlash.

In Egypt, Sinai Residents Face a Living Hell

For decades, the residents of North Sinai have suffered marginalization and the absence of a state presence, resulting in difficult living conditions, widespread unemployment, poverty, disease and an extremist ideology that has found fertile ground.

Understanding the Balance of Power in Yemen

It is clear that the current balance of power does not allow for any one party to triumph. At the same time, this situation cannot lead to a realistic formula for peace because of the nature of the conflicting forces.

Repercussions of the Suicide Bombing in Iran’s Baluchistan may be Felt Across the Region

Both the UAE and Saudi Arabia denied involvement. So how and against whom will Iran retaliate? With the US policy of isolating Iran in place, it is unlikely that Tehran will seek to increase tensions with Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

Can Terrorism Be Eradicated in Egypt’s Sinai Region?

There is no doubt that this operation is not the same as the ones launched in the past. The Egyptian army announced that it aims to achieve four objectives: tightening control over border posts, eliminating terrorist outposts, immunizing local populations against extremist ideologies and tackling the crime rate, which has soared amid the instability.

Why ignoring mental health needs of young Syrian refugees could harm us all

As the number of out-of-school children looms both inside Syria and in host countries, these invisible wounds won’t be healed unless large humanitarian groups and U.N. agencies team up with local and grassroots organizations inside Syria and out. They need to address the mental health and public health challenges in parallel with educational programming.

The Blacklist: Saudi Arabia’s High-profile Political Detainees

Samah Hadid, the deputy director of Amnesty International, said that most human rights activists in the country were either in prison or on trial, their whereabouts still undisclosed. The others, she added, risk arrest at any time. MBS is clearly remaking Saudi Arabia in his image, while proving to be just as authoritarian as the rulers before him.

Bahraini Dissidents Face Loss of Citizenship, Forced Exile

More than 570 people have had their Bahraini nationality revoked over the last six years, around 150 of those in 2017 alone. The country has just over 650,000 citizens. The majority of those targeted are rendered stateless, and are ultimately deported to Iraq, Lebanon or Iran.