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Biden to Restore Traditional U.S Policy in the Middle East

Biden’s policy is nonetheless clear: He’ll seek to restore diplomacy with Iran and bring Turkey back under the sphere of NATO’s influence.

Erdogan positions powerful Turkish military as backbone of regional strategy

Turkey is likely to diversify between the soft and hard power to achieve its regional aspirations. The role of the Turkish army is therefore vital for Ankara.

France, Belgium and Austria Move into the Frontline of a Battle for the Soul of Islam

Interests of France, Belgium and Austria are in line with those of the UAE and Saudi Arabia regarding the spirit and identity of Islam.

In Turkey, Life for Syrian Refugees and Kurds is Becoming Increasingly Violent

Increase of violence in Turkey against Kurds and Syrian refugees is a result of the nationalist policies, othering, polarisation and impunity.

Ceasefire in the Caucasus Opens Door to Rebalancing of Regional Power

Signing the ceasefire agreement between Azerbaijan and Armenia is in Turkey’s favor. However, this agreement could lead to raising tensions between Ankara, Moscow and Tehran.

Libya Faces Obstacles to Peace Ahead of Tough Political Talks

For Libyans, one concern with the talks is that it doesn’t prioritize accountability. Hanan Saleh, a Senior Researcher for Human Rights Watch (HRW), writes that the current framework promises immunity for those who have committed unlawful killings and arrests. She adds that the process of integrating fighters into state security services doesn’t have a strict vetting system.

Customs Union: Old Instrument, New Function in EU-Turkey Relations

In the meantime, relations of EU countries with Turkey have deteriorated rapidly. Some member states, such as France, Ger­many, and to a lesser degree Italy and Poland, increasingly see Turkey as a chal­lenge to their vital interests. For others, Turkey has even turned into an adversary that is threatening their security, as is the case with Cyprus and Greece.