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Egypt’s powerful football fans and politics: a toxic mix that could combust during Afcon

Ultimately, the state hopes that fan-instigated stadium riots will not occur during the Afcon. While the ongoing clampdowns may make the state feel that this problem has been nipped in the bud, there are uncertainties. Hopefully, for the Confederation and Egypt, the Afcon will be all about football and not about ultras or social problems that inspire the protests.

Morocco’s Football Ultras: From Super Fans to Social Movement

Beyond the social role the ultras now play, their pull has another dimension: “In the space of 90 minutes, they express the whole range of emotions that one can feel in a lifetime: joy, suffering, hatred, anguish, admiration, injustice.”

The End of the Ultras Era in Egypt

A few months after the Zamalek tragedy in 2015, the Ultras’ groups were banned by law by an Egyptian court. There was even a court case to brand them a ‘terrorist organisation’, but that was overturned. Nevertheless Ultras became target of a harsh crackdown, with dozens of its members being arrested from their homes in recent years.