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Israel and Saudi Arabia’s delicate courtship

A thaw between Israel and Saudi Arabia relations would thus mark a major shift in the Arab-Israeli conflict. Thus, Saudi Arabia has developed clandestine business deals with Israeli companies in recent years, especially in security and intelligence. Israeli media reports have also claimed that the Israel Defense Forces has offered Saudi Arabia Iron Dome military technology to defend Saudi territory from Yemeni rockets.

Aleppo, the Worst-Hit City in the Syrian Civil War

Aleppo has witnessed the fiercest battles between rebel groups and the regime forces, hence rendering it one of the most important battles of the Syrian Civil War. It has been marked by numerous human rights violations through the Syrian army’s indiscriminate use of barrel bombs, the purposeful targeting of civilians, including hospitals and schools, by the Syrian government and its Russian allies, and by the chaotic shelling by the rebels of government-held areas and civilians living there.

Christians in Gaza — The Alarm Has Sounded

The relationship between Muslims and Christians in Palestine is different from that in other Arab countries, according to some Christians. The Israeli occupation and all aspects of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, irrespective of religious background, have added to Palestinian solidarity and unity. There is no question about the patriotism of Palestinian Christians, their pride in their Palestinian identity, and their contribution to the resistance to the Israeli occupation by sacrificing their lives or risking arrest.

A Year into Yemen’s War—A Humanitarian Disaster on Top of a Humanitarian Disaster

Yemen’s humanitarian situation is bad in March 2016, after nearly a year of war by the Saudi coalition against Shiite Houthi rebels and forces of former president Ali Abdullah Saleh. Some organizations claim that the country is on the brink of famine, with 80 per cent of the population in need of humanitarian aid. Whether the numbers are accurate is hard to say, but the country is undeniably in a dark place.

Arab-Palestinian-Israeli Conflict

Despite many rounds of negotiations between Palestinians and Israelis under the auspices of several parties, including the United States, the two sides have failed to reach a resolution of the conflict. Meanwhile, Israel, tolerated by the international community, continues to expand its settlements on the West Bank and in East Jerusalem while denying Palestinians their inalienable rights, such as the right of return and the rights to national independence, sovereignty, and self-determination.