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Global Neglect Prompts Renewed Conflict in the Western Sahara

Rabat, of course, would never cede territory that it considers sovereign land. Neither would Sahrawis accept to relinquish their right to self-determination. The global community needs to find ways to maneuver around this impasse and bring both sides back to the negotiating table. Otherwise, a thawing conflict could erupt into flames.

Why Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia will not launch a joint 2030 World Cup Bid

Designing a joint bid involving all three states is challenging, which makes a successful joint Maghreb 2030 bid quite unlikely. But football diplomacy still has the potential to ease tensions in the region and might positively affect political and economic integration in the Maghreb in the near future.

Tensions Flare in Morocco’s Sahara Conflict as Algeria Impedes Political Process

To avoid escalation, Morocco called on both the UN and MINURSO to intervene and stop the Polisario Front’s illegal manoeuvres in the region. Meanwhile, Algeria refused calls from Morocco and the UN to cooperate in settling the conflict.