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Facts and Figures of Yemen

Political leadership


President Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi (since 21 February 2012)

Prime Minister Moin Abdul-Malik Said (since 15 October 2018)


Total 527,968 sq km; Land 527,968 sq km; Water (0) Km; (country comparison to the world: 51)


total: 1,601 km

Border countries

Oman 294 km, Saudi Arabia 1,307 km


1,906 km


26,737,317 (2015 est.) (country comparison to the world: 48)

Age structure

0-14 years: 41% 15-64 years: 56.2% 65+ 2.7% (2015 est.)

Population growth rate

2.47% (2015 est.)


Urban population: 34.6% of total population (2015) rate of urbanisation: 4% annual rate of change (2010-2015 est.)

Major cities

Sanaa (capital) 2.962 million, Aden 882,000 (2015 est.)

Ethnic groups

Predominantly Arab; but also Afro-Arab, South Asians, Europeans


Muslim, including Sunni (Shafi'i) and Shia (Zaydi); small numbers of Jews, Christians and Hindus


Arabic (official)


(Age 15+ Can Read and Write) total population: 70.1% male: 85.1% female: 55% (2015 est.)

Real GDP

$11.223 billion (2017); $11.927 billion (2016)

GDP growth

-5.90% (2017); -34.34% (2016)

GDP per capita (PPP)

$432.4 (2016 est.); $674.9 (2015 est.)

Unemployment rate

14.04% (2017 est.); 13.73% (2016 est.)

Population below poverty line

18.8 (2014 est.)

Public debt

74.5% of GDP (2017 est.); 68.1% of GDP (2016 est.)

Inflation rate

24.7% (2017 est.)


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