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Fanack Initiating Cooperation at COP28

Fanack’s The Chronicle of the Middle East and North Africa (Fanack) and Fanack Water (Water) will be represented at COP28 in Dubai.

Fanack at COP28
COP28 in Dubai, UAE, December 2023. Photo credit: Matt Luna/Fanack

Fanack’s The Chronicle of the Middle East and North Africa (Fanack) and Fanack Water (Water) will be represented at COP28 in Dubai, functioning as an international/regional platform for balanced outreach and understanding.

Fanack as a global online publication in Arabic and English, with a reach in the tens of millions, recognizes this time of risk for the region and world, as also a time to make the most of channels for dialogue both within the Middle East, and with the world.

We see our media landscape rapidly transforming both in content and in importance, as the world looks more to the Middle East during this time of conflict while leaders are gathering for the 28th United Nations Conference of the Parties on Climate Change (COP).

At COP28, Fanack representatives Reinier Hietink, Vice President International Relations, and Matt Luna, Editor/Senior Advisor Climate and Security, will engage with representatives of organizations, governments and education institutions specifically on topics of water resources in climate adaptation, greening initiatives and land restoration for the Middle East, climate-related conflict risk reduction, and sharing messages of resilience initiatives across sectors.

As the urgency of mitigating climate risks and adapting to emerging scenarios is increasing at a more visible pace, it is crucial to support genuine efforts toward goals that require generous cooperation from numerous and diverse parties. Even amid any skepticism and controversy surrounding this and previous COPs, we must all keep our focus on making the most of opportunities for positive outcomes at this once-per-year global conference, and then making the information accessible to benefit areas of risk and need.

Follow Fanack in contributing to these efforts at COP28 from 3-10 December, and feel free to contact us here,, for inquiries on high-level cooperation in our recognized platform. The Chronicle is founded on the belief that knowledge matters and facts count, and we will continue to deliver this message to benefit communities, governments and industry – all working toward an optimistic future.

More About Us

The Chronicle is an acclaimed independent media platform committed to creating and publishing balanced and informed analysis about the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. Since 2010, The Chronicle has developed and published information simultaneously in Arabic and English about the history, politics, economics, social issues – and more recently – the state of water resources across 21 MENA countries.

Fanack Water is a specialist center of Fanack, linking expert knowledge on water resources in the MENA region in all its functions and forms, as well as increasingly about climate issues, to add a global readership. Its core mission is to build awareness around this most vital and scarce resource in the region. Fanack Water provides researched-based information on MENA water resources through country reports and in-depth publications on emerging developments.

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