The Fanack regional academics and journalist contributors are being kept anonymous to ensure the impartial comprehensive information on its websites.

Before any page is published online its content is fact checked by independent Fanack staff members (academics and journalists) and/or field specialists to further ensure that its content is not biased or partisan.

Of course Fanack staff and contributor funding is not depending or influenced by any partisan third party.

Fanack is an independent organisation based in the Netherlands. It was founded by publisher and editor-in-chief Dr. Antonie Dake, former foreign correspondent and chief political editor for Dutch newspapers and public television.

Editorial and research teams are responsible for the websites, within the structure of the private limited company Fanack B.V. Contributors to include external scholars and journalists, mainly from Europe and the Middle East & North Africa region.

The Fanack Foundation (Stichting Fanack Nederland) has been set up in The Hague for international donors and organisations which share the idea of the importance of providing free, not biased or partisan, reliable information on the Middle East & North Africa region and wish to make a contribution.