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Urban specialists offer features and insights that cover the variations between urban areas in the Middle East and North Africa.

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A picture shows a view of the Museum of the Future in the Gulf emirate of Dubai, on June 20, 2022. Giuseppe CACACE / AFP GIUSEPPE CACACE ©AFP

Editorial Note

Cultural, economic, and physical regeneration have impacted most of the cities. Millennial requirements do not match what they inherited, yet many cities remain unable to keep up with the futuristic aspects the world is aiming for, and many are attached to the heritage their cities hold. How can a city preserve its legacy and evolve at the same time? How will its evolution impact the quality of life there and elsewhere? How does mass migration affect the challenges for regional urban areas and the stability of societies?

Fanack’s Urbanism project explores the variations between urban areas. Together with urban specialists, we study the factors that made cities what they are today, going through various aspects including history, religion, culture, economy, resources, and more. Fanack aims to offer a better understanding of the cities and the lifestyle they carry, away from assumptions and misbeliefs.

Field experts in the urbanism innovation fields are given a voice in this section. Together with them, we explore ideas and solutions to improve the quality of life and upward mobility of people in urban areas.

Cities are different, people are different and so are solutions. So what does the future hold?

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