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Egyptian Sovereign Fund: State Assets without Sufficient Oversight

The Egyptian sovereign fund quickly acquired a large number of Egyptian state assets, including 126 holding and subsidiary companies that are affiliated with the Ministry of the Public Business Sector.

Will Jordan’s new government bring economic reform?

Jordan has also avoided outright criticism of the US, even while it pursues its unrelenting support for Israel as it undermines the peace process underpinning the region, so as not to rock the boat on its billion-dollar aid package, which in the country’s current precarious state could be crucial.

Why Palestinians Are Not Accepting Their Tax Revenues?

For the Palestinian leadership, taking tax revenues from Israel while the latter vows to maintain this miserable status quo is acquiescence to permanent subjugation. It is simply not worth the limited and short-lived relief it would offer until the next crisis emerges.

Tunisia’s Fragile Government Charged with Saving Economy

The new political system has only succeeded in masking political cronyism and maintaining regional inequalities. And unless the new government addresses the economic grievances of the interior, nostalgia for authoritarianism will continue to grow. Wealthier citizens also frequently claim that Tunisians aren’t ready for democracy, or at least not a parliamentary one.

Economy of the UAE

The UAE used its oil revenues (discovered in the early 1960s) and a growing network of commercial and financial ties to attract global investment, skilled expatriate professionals, and migrant workers to achieve phenomenal economic development in a record short time.