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In Tunisia, Latest Strike Brings Public Sector to a Halt

Abandoned hospitals, empty schools, deserted government buildings: Tunisia’s cities seemed like ghost towns on 17 January 2019. A nationwide public sector strike organized by the powerful Tunisian General Labour Union (UGGT) received mass support and solidarity from both the public and private sector with, according to the union, participation by more than 90 per cent of the 677,000 civil servants and 350,000 of the employees in public sector enterprises, representing a quarter of the population.

The Pet Projects of a Sultan: Turkey’s Mega Infrastructure Projects

The airport is expected to boost Turkey’s economy by 5%, further cementing Istanbul’s – and Turkey’s – place as a hub in the global economy. The construction of the project has obviously been an enhancement to the city’s economy, providing vital economic boosts in a period of broad commercial belt-tightening and economic strain. But at the same time, this economic boom has been shadowed by dark clouds around the conditions of labour on the airport’s construction.

Enormous Solar Plant Central to Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030

This massive plan is in line with the kingdom’s aspiration of becoming the leading exporter of solar energy in the Middle East. “Vision 2030 is expected to play a key role in realizing this objective,” Zafar said. “Under the King Salman Renewable Energy Initiative, the Saudi government is reviewing the legal and regulatory framework for private sector investment in order to encourage public-private partnerships and promote local manufacturing of solar panels.”