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Music and Dance

Saudi folk music has been shaped by the nomadic Bedouins and the pilgrims who brought musical influences from around the world. Dance is also popular among Saudis. The national dance is the men’s sword dance known as the arda.

Health in Qatar

Health care is generally of a high standard in Qatar. Qatari males have an average life expectancy of 76.1 years, and females of 76.9 (figures 2005). All births are attended by skilled health personnel, and the infant mortality rate is a relatively low 7.5 percent. However, it is not clear how these figures reflect the situation among non-citizens. Officially, all residents have access to free medical services but in practice non-citizen residents receive only very limited health care. HIV positive foreigners are deported to their home country. HIV positive citizens are quarantined and receive professional treatment. Statistics on the incidence of HIV and AIDS are not available.

Music and Dance

Jordanian music is not as popular as that of other Arab countries, such as Egypt and Lebanon. Jordan’s famous traditional dance is the dabke or dabka, a group dance that involves stamping one’s feet.

Arab-Palestinian-Israeli Conflict

Fanack presents in-depth insight into several topics concerning the conflict, including Arab-Israeli negotiations, Arab-Israeli wars, Palestinian refugees, and Israeli settlements.

Population of Yemen

Fanack provides an analysis of Yemen’s population and demographics, with an overview of different ethnicities and identities.