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Urbanism Sources & Downloads

This picture taken on February 7, 2022 shows a view of Dubai’s Museum of the Future which will open to the public on February 22. – The Gulf emirate’s new building was named one of the 14 most beautiful museums on the planet in a list compiled by National Geographic magazine last summer. (Photo by Karim SAHIB / AFP)

This section of the Urbanism file is still under construction. Soon It will Contain an open access library containing sources(Opinion& Scientific Articles-Books-Projects) on urbanism as a literature background and in depth to the MENA region.

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Quality of life is one of the main concerns of anyone residing in the 21 countries of the Middle East and North Africa covered by Fanack. Together with our network of global contributors, we define what regional residents want, what they need, and in which space they are most comfortable in.

Fanack’s Urbanism topics are explored from a regional, local, and city-level perspective. Fanack aims to link the below topics to their effect on the quality of life in cities in the MENA region on both local and regional levels.

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