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A Jordanian street vendor reads a local newspaper with a headline on its front page about the latest events in his country, in the capital Amman, on April 4, 2021. Jordan’s official media warned that security and stability are a “red line”, a day after several senior figures were detained and a half-brother of King Abdullah II said he was put under house arrest. Khalil MAZRAAWI / AFP


The spread of the internet, and more recently, of social media, has deeply affected the media landscape in the Middle East and North Africa, changing people’s attitude towards issues such as censorship and freedom of speech. However, in some countries such as Iran, internet access is still limited by the government.

Traditional media also have adapted to the digital revolution, but many newspapers remain under tight government control and heavy censorship, with some exceptions.

Fanack’s Media file provides a detailed overview of each country’s media landscape as well as presenting updates on various topics such as freedom of speech and different platforms.

Our mission is to offer a worthwhile contribution to the publication of balanced background up-to-date information on the topic from an Arab perspective.

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