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This features and Insights section gives an overview of our coverage of the cultures of the Middle East & North Africa, including customs, arts, norms, beliefs, and habits of societies in the region.

Rim Banna
Palestinian singer Rim Banna performs during a concert in Damascus on January 8, 2009. Banna insisted during her concert to perform songs representing various aspects of the Palestinian life, including happiness, war, love and resistance. LOUAI BESHARA / AFP LOUAI BESHARA ©AFP

Editorial Note

This features and insight section, of the Culture topic file, covers the customs, arts, norms, beliefs, and habits of the societies of the Middle East & North Africa (MENA). It often has historic MENA roots, but it is fluid enough to evolve and change with time and through the mingling of different peoples.

This section articles explore all these different aspects of culture. It allows insight into the activities, beliefs, and interactions of specific groups, but also the interactions between different groups. It furthermore covers diverse topics like music, movies, dance, and storytelling among the populations of the MENA region.

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