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Fanack’s Culture file presents an overview of the region's most important cultural traits including movements, music, visual art, dance, and more.

Yemenis visit an art exhibition against war by Yemeni painters at the People’s Development Foundation in the Yemeni capital of Sanaa on October 1, 2018. About 24 Yemeni artists participated with more than 100 pieces of artwork in an exhibition in Sanaa to attract attention to the ongoing war in Yemen. MOHAMMED HUWAIS / AFP


Most countries of the Middle East and North Africa belong to the so-called ‘Arab World’ as the majority of the population speaks the same language (Arabic). However, the region is not as homogeneous as one would think.

In addition to the (dominant) Arabic language and the Islamic faith, the region is home to significant cultural and religious minorities. This has created a melting pot of cultures each with their unique characteristics.

Fanack’s Culture file presents an overview of the most important cultural traits in the region, including modern cultural movements, music, visual art and traditional crafts.

Our mission is to offer a worthwhile contribution to the publication of balanced background up-to-date information on the topic from an Arab perspective.

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