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Stockholm Agreement: A Step Toward Restoring Peace and Stability in Yemen

While Yemenis hope the disputing parties will abide by the agreement negotiated in Sweden, the outstanding issues and subsequent actions remain the most difficult and complicated ones. Restoring the lost peace continues to be fraught with obstacles – and remains far-fetched for now.

In Yemen, a Lost Generation of Children

85,000: That is the estimated number of children under the age of 5 who have died of starvation during three and a half years of war in Yemen, according to an emergency appeal by Save the Children. When they are not being starved or bombed, they have barely any access to health and education. It is a lost generation that renders the future of Yemen uncertain.

US Complicity in the Saudi-led Genocide in Yemen spans Obama, Trump Administrations

The U.S. shares responsibility with the coalition for genocide in Yemen. The U.S. must cease and desist all activities that facilitate genocide in Yemen. This would include stopping all sales of weapons and ending logistical support for coalition action.

Turkey and Saudi Arabia – What Does the Khashoggi Affair Mean?

With the constant fear of Ankara releasing the tapes and sabotaging Riyadh’s attempts to deny or conceal their involvement, Saudi Arabia has been caught in a very public tight spot. Forced to repeatedly offer feasible explanations that would then be torn apart by subsequent Turkish leaks, Saudi Arabia’s credibility and reputation have been damaged. For Saudi Arabia, a country currently obsessed with its international image, this must have surely been a uniquely painful experience at the hands of its rival.

Yemen is the World’s Biggest Humanitarian Disaster: Save the Children

Humanitarian funds are desperately needed to address the urgent situation of millions of Yemenis. Two billion dollars was pledged for the 2018 Yemen Humanitarian Response Plan (YHRP) earlier this year, but only 65 per cent of the funds had been delivered by October.

UK: Aimlessly Aiding and Abetting Saudi Arabia?

The report noted that Britain’s $8 billion in exports to Saudi Arabia accounted for a mere 1% of total exports in 2016. Furthermore, the British Treasury reaped $38.5 million in revenues from arms sales — or a paltry 0.004% of the Treasury’s total income in 2016.

Geopolitics and Stubborn Leaders Determining Direction of War in Yemen

A recent UN report found that all sides in the conflict may have committed war crimes, including the Houthis. The group has been accused of indiscriminate fire in urban areas and of recruiting child soldiers who are as young as eight years old.

The Saudi-Canada Spat: Both Countries are Wrong

Canada’s relationship with Saudi Arabia is actually advantageous on several fronts. There’s no doubt navigating the relationship was tricky at times, but the alternative will be seriously detrimental to Canada if Saudi Arabia intensifies its aggressive measures against us.

Wahhabism: A Doctrine Not Open to Interpretation

Observers nonetheless hope that MBS will succeed in curtailing the influence of Wahhabi clerics. Then again, his foreign policy does not appear to offer an effective means to combat terrorism. Saudi Arabia’s devastating bombing campaign in Yemen is a case in point. With the country now completely fragmented, extremists have thrived.

Saudi Arabia punishing Turkey for its Lack of Support

Fuelling Saudi Arabia’s anger, Turkey sent additional troops to Qatar in December 2017, and the two countries signed an agreement in March 2018 to establish a naval base and training centre and to send 60,000 more soldiers. In response, Saudi Arabia’s powerful Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS) described Turkey as part of a “triangle of evil” along with Iran and hardline Islamist groups.