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Rebuilding the Port of Beirut: a competition for geopolitical influence

Indeed, France, or any other country, is unlikely to invest in the infrastructure before structural changes have been implemented. Even then, France’s prominent role in pushing for reforms places it in a privileged position to unlock the situation and win over the Port of Beirut.

China could signal increased engagement with Iran but doesn’t

China seeks strengthening relationships with Iran. However, this approach is hampered by multiple factors. To learn more about these factors, read the following article.

Gulf security: China envisions continued US military lead

China’s preference for a continued US lead in maintaining Gulf security, even if it favours a more multilateral approach, was evident earlier this year in its willingness to consider participating in the US-led maritime alliance that escorts commercial vessels in the Gulf and seeks to secure shipping lanes and was created in response to several attacks on tankers in the Gulf of Oman.

China’s Belt and Road Initiative Will Almost Certainly Include Iran

China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) has attracted global attention. Many questions were raised with regards to its scope, aims and feasibility. Now, five years on and with two major meetings concluded (the second was the size of a UN General Assembly), these questions are beginning to fade.

Why does China keep buying oil from Iran? Look at China and Iran’s long history of political and economic ties

Iran’s main bet on defying U.S. pressure is whether it can find parties that can help circumvent U.S. sanctions, especially in its oil exports. China is one of Iran’s major importers and seems to eye a strategic interest in supporting Iran’s policy of resisting U.S. maximum pressure. But the question is: to what extend can China support Iran’s resistance?