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Palestinian Israeli Conflict

Arab Palestinian Israeli Conflict
The Wall dividing Abu Dis, near Jerusalem (2004) / Photo Rex/HH


The Palestinians and Israelis live in the midst of a long and bitter conflict. The roots of this conflict have been seeded in the nineteenth century when the Zionist movement was born. The beginning of this movement has been affected by the publication of a book entitled “The Jewish State”. The book has been written by the well-known Austrian-Hungarian journalist Theodor Herzl in 1897, who has then in mind the “Jewish diaspora” and the need to form a national homeland for Jews. Since its inception, the Zionist movement worked to establish this state in Palestine, which was naturally met with strong opposition from Arabs in general and Palestinians in particular.

In this special file, Fanack explores the depths of this long conflict to provide the reader with an in-depth overview of the reasons for the emergence of this conflict and its continuing impact on the Middle East and North Africa until this moment.

This special file includes shedding the light on the Arab-Israeli wars, Arab-Israeli negotiations, the Israeli settlements, and much more.

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