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Features & Insights on MENA Politics offers an analysis of various governments and focuses on explaining current political events. The articles published here always aspire to offer balanced, well-researched, and expert-backed coverage.

Saudi-Iranian Rapprochement
Iran's top security official Ali Shamkhani (R), Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi (C) and Musaid Al Aiban, the Saudi Arabia's national security adviser pose for a photo after Iran and Saudi Arabia have agreed to resume bilateral diplomatic ties in Beijing on March 10, 2023. CHINESE FOREIGN MINISTRY / Anadolu Agency via AFP. CHINESE FOREIGN MINISTRY / Anadolu Agency ©AFP

Editorial Note

The Chronicle offers coverage of both internal politics and international affairs that involve more than one state or political institution. As a diverse region with democracies and absolute monarchies, politics are often at the core of much that happens in the MENA region. The Chronicle will bring coverage to readers within the region and those outside who want to know more about it.

This section will also regularly cover political upheaval, elections and the relationship between MENA governments and the international community. The featured and insights articles published here, as part of the MENA Politics Topic file, always aspire to offer balanced, well-researched and expert-backed coverage.

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