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EU representative to the Palestinian Territories “Sven Kuhn von Burgsdorff” addresses the media alongside Palestinian Prime Minister Muhammad Shtayeh (C) during a visit to the bedouin village of Khirbet Humsah which was razed by Israeli forces, near Tubas city in the Jordan Valley, on February 4, 2021. In addition to providing aid to the Palestinians, the EU is criticised for turning a blind eye to human rights violations carried out by Israel against the Palestinians. Emmanuel DUNAND / AFP


In the geopolitical arena, the European Union (EU) has projected itself in recent years as the guardian of human rights and reliable diplomatic partner for the region. However its role in the Middle East and North Africa is subject to debate.

For example, as the diplomatic fallout on the nuclear deal between the United States and Iran was unfolding during the era of US President Donald Trump, the EU stood by its principles and upheld the accords, respecting international law. However, its deals with Libya and Turkey regarding migration have been criticized by various human rights organizations.

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