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A photo dated 01 March 1991 showing a long line of vehicles, including an Iraqi Russian built tank, standing abandoned by fleeing Iraqi troops on the outskirts of Kuwait City. PASCAL GUYOT / AFP

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Fanack’s Wars and Conflicts file provides a historical analysis of the causes and repercussions of ongoing conflicts as well as past wars. 

Since the 20th century, the Middle East and North Africa has been a region in turmoil: the Palestinian-Israeli conflict has been a major issue since the influx and settling of Jews in Palestine from the late 1910s onwards; while the 90s have seen the outbreak of the Gulf war. More recently, the repression of the Arab uprisings in 2011 has in some cases, like in Syria, caused on-going conflict. These are but a few examples of the conflicts that have been disrupting peace in the region.

Foreign military intervention has often either exacerbated the conflict, changing its course, or helped mediating between warring factions. Poor governance, disputes over borders and the political exploitation of ethnic, nationalist and religious identities have brought the region to the brink of new wars.

In the next paragraphs is an overview of our featured and latest coverage of regional conflicts and wars and related to the topic in-depth coverage files.

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