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Yemeni women suffering from cancer sit on makeshift beds in the corridor of the National Oncology Centre in the country’s third city of Taez, on April 29, 2021. AHMAD AL-BASHA / AFP


The quality of the healthcare system is one of the most important indicators of the well-being of society.

The presence of infrastructure and medical personnel is not the only criterium for judging the condition of healthcare. Equal access to medical services is also essential. Like in the rest of the world, the quality of healthcare in the Middle East and North Africa varies from country to country.

Fanack’s Health file presents an analysis of the equality of access to healthcare in several countries of the region and factors that have undermined the healthcare systems in the region, including war and violence, corruption and the COVID-19 virus.

Our mission is to offer a worthwhile contribution to the publication of balanced background up-to-date information on the topic from an Arab perspective.

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