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In Turkey, Life for Syrian Refugees and Kurds is Becoming Increasingly Violent

Increase of violence in Turkey against Kurds and Syrian refugees is a result of the nationalist policies, othering, polarisation and impunity.

In Syria’s Overcrowded al-Hol Camp, Islamic State Ideology Spreading ‘Uncontested’

According to international law, the detention-like conditions in al Hol camp contravene prohibitions on collective punishment, and detention during wartime must be done on a clear legal basis. Detainees have the right to challenge their captivity before a court, according to HRW.

Deportation to Syria could mean death for women, children and LGBTQ refugees in Turkey

Returning Syrian refugees to this battleground would make them the “buffer” between these warring forces, turning more vulnerable people into collateral damage of a greater geopolitical war.

Western states must repatriate IS fighters and their families before more break free from Syrian camps

The first, still best, option – repatriation of foreign nationals – is arguably a quickly closing window. Even then, questions would remain about what should happen to Iraqi and Syrian nationals, and what role the West should play in resolving their situation. But European powers must avoid taking the third option they’d been exercising by default – doing nothing, and waiting for circumstances to change.

Kurds targeted in Turkish attack include thousands of female fighters who battled Islamic State

In a region surrounded by threats – from Turkey’s attacks and Islamic State terrorism and patriarchy at home – the women of Kurdistan are fighting for their life and liberty. And the cost is hard, dangerous labor.

What is Alevism?

Alevis and Alawites are often confused or equated, but aside from a similar-sounding name – both a reference to Ali – they are very distinct. One key difference is ethnicity. Whereas Alevis are typically Turkish or ethnically Kurdish and they pray in Turkish, Alawites are Arab and, like nearly all other Muslims, pray in Arabic.

Kurds Unable to Unite Against Turkey’s Aggression

If the Kurds really want to stand up to the forces that are trying to bring them to their knees, whether it is the Syrian regime, the Turkish state or any other entity, they will have to unite. But as long as their commercial and ideological aspirations for the future of a Kurdish homeland are not aligned, they do not stand a chance.

My Enemy’s Enemy: Syria’s Regime and Kurdish Forces Unite to Fight Turkey

In a matter of days, the US’ role and position in the war in Syria has been thrown into disarray, a relatively stable area of the country has turned into a battlefield, IS, which was all but eliminated, may be rallying, and Moscow and Damascus seem to be in a stronger position than they have for years. In the eight-year war in Syria, a new chapter has just begun.