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Human Rights & International Law

The Human Rights & International Law dossier on the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict meticulously documents the conflict, covering a wide range of topics, including treaties, human rights violations, policies that contravene international law, and more.

man walking near a wall in Israeli controlled street
An Israeli settler walks past a Palestinian house with verandas covered in meshing with one bearing a protest sign reading in English “Arabs are prohibited, this is Apartheid St.”, along the Israeli-controlled Shuhada street (whose main entrance is blocked) in the flashpoint city of Hebron in the occupied West Bank on January 28, 2020.

Editorial Note

The Israeli occupation of Palestine has come under fire for the human rights violations committed by governing authorities since the beginning. These violations include those by Israel as an occupying power and the Palestinian Authority (PA); The PA governs affairs in some of the occupied Palestinian territories of the West Bank and is seen as a partner to the Israeli occupation because of its security cooperation with Israel since the Oslo Accords. Hamas, or the Islamic Resistance Movement, which rules Gaza, has also been criticised for its crackdown on protesters amongst other transgressions.

The international community regularly condemns Israeli actions in Palestine for contravening international law. The United Nations (UN) has issued numerous resolutions in response to the situation impacting the Palestinian population. These have included the displacement of people from their homes, arbitrary arrests, restricting access to essential services, and a rapidly deteriorating situation that could amount to apartheid, illegal under international law.

International human rights organisations, following Palestinian human rights organisations, have increasingly recognised that the policy Israel has been practicing since its founding, both inside Israel proper as well as in the Occupied Palestinian Territories,  has amounted to the crime of apartheid.

In this file, a general overview of the types of human rights violations that have been committed in Palestine will be given, including apartheid, displacement and home demolitions, Israel’s Separation Barrier, Palestinian prisoners, and violence against Palestinians.

Table of Contents

The following is the Table of Contents for the International Law & Human Rights section within our Palestinian-Israeli Conflict dossier.

It is important to highlight that we have been diligently monitoring and documenting this conflict for over a decade. For a comprehensive collection of articles pertaining to the conflict and Human Rights, we strongly recommend visiting the ‘Latest Publications’ page in this dossier.

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