Chronicle of the Middle East and North Africa

Abbreviations and Acronyms

bbblbillion barrels
bbbl/dbillion barrels per day
bbl/dbarrels per day
BCFbillion cubic feet
EIAEnergy Information Administration
EORenhanced oil recovery
IAEAInternational Atomic Energy Agency
IEAInternational Energy Agency
IGCCIran Gas Commercial Company
IGDCIran Gas Distribution Company
IGEDCIran Gas Engineering and Development Company
IGSCIran Gas Storage Company
IGTCIran Gas Transmission Company
IOCinternational oil company
IPCCIran Petrochemical Commercial Company
JPOAJoint Plan of Action
kbbl/dthousand barrels per day
LNGliquefied natural gas
LPGliquefied petroleum gas
mbbl/dmillion barrels per day
NIGC National Iranian Gas Company
NIGECNational Iranian Gas Exports Company
NIOCNational Iranian Oil Company
NIOPRDCNational Iranian Oil Products Refining and Distribution Company
NIORDCNational Iranian Oil Refining and Distribution Company
NISOCNational Iranian South Oil Company
NPCNational Petrochemical Company
PSAproduction-sharing agreement
TavanirIran Power Generation Transmission & Distribution Co.
TCFtrillion cubic feet
TCMtrillion cubic metres
TRECTehran Regional Electricity Co.
UNSCUnited Nations Security Council
Fanack Water Palestine