Chronicle of the Middle East and North Africa

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Past to Present

Past to Present

Algeria - Almoravids and Almohads

the coming of islam algeria map history almohads2 318 1
The map shows the stretch of the rule of the Almoravids and the Almohads ©Fanack

Algeria - Civil War in Algeria (1991-2002)

civil war 1991 2002 algeria civil war killings 720
Infographic on the Civil War in Algeria, showing the number of casualties between 1994-2005 ©Fanack

Algeria - French Colonial Era

Map showing the gradations of the French Conquest of Algeria from 1830 – 1956 ©Fanack

Bahrain - Twelver Shiites and Jabrids

Map showing The Jabrids around 1460 to 1530 ©Fanack

Iran - The Achaemenid Empire

Map showing The Achaemenid Empire (550-330 BCE) ©Fanack

Iran - Nuclear Program

Iran’s Nuclear Program ©Fanack

Jordan - The Baghdad Pact

king hussein jordan baghdad pact map 03 1
Map portraying the countries involved in the Baghdad Pact. ©Fanack

Iraq - Iraqi Cultural Heritage: A Victim of War and Extremism

Iraqi heritage sites under threat ©Fanack

Bahrain - Hellenization and Sassanids

Map showing The Sassanids Empire – 4th Century ©Fanack

Bahrain - The British-Al Khalifa Alliance

Map showing Bani Utba tribes in Bahrain ©Fanack

Egypt - French Occupation (1789-1801)

Map showing The French Occupation of Egypt ©Fanack

Iraq - Iraq-Iran War

Map of the Region of the Iran-Iraq War ©Fanack

Iraq - Ancient Civilizations in Mesopotamia

Map of Mesopotamia showing the major archaeological sites ©Fanack

Culture of Iraq -Iraqi Cultural Heritage a Victim of War and Extremism

Iraqi heritage sites under threat ©Fanack

Iraq - Popular Revolts

popular revolts Iraq revolts map 02
Iraq regions: Shiites and Kurds ©Fanack

Iraq - Babylonian and Assyrian

Babylonia Map ©Fanack

Israel - Kingdom of David

from kingdom to roman province RTEmagicC israel historymap david 01.jpg
A map showing the Kingdom of David ©Fanack

Israel - Israeli Settlements

israeli settlements interactive map 1
Israeli Settlements ©Fanack

Israel - The October War of 1973

the october war of 1973 October war map 318 01
The October War of 1973 ©Fanack

Israel – The Wall

The Wall on the West Bank ©Fanack

Jordan - Palestinian and Iraqi Refugees in Jordan

palestinian and iraqi refugees jordan Pal Refugees map 730 da4a4bef15
Map showing Palestinian refugee camps in neighbouring Arab states ©Fanack

Jordan - Annexation of the West Bank

annexation west bank Jordan annexation west bank 1950 318
A map of the annexation of the West Bank by Jordan ©Fanack

Jordan - The Creation of Transjordan

creation of transjordan Jordan british mandatemap 03
Creation of Transjordan ©Fanack

Jordan - The Hejaz Railway

the hejaz railway Jordan hejaz railway map 150 01
Map showing the route of the historical Hejaz Railway. ©Fanack

Kuwait - The Ottoman Empire

foreign powers kuwait british empire map 3
ottoman empire ©Fanack

Kuwait -Election Results 2012

Kuwait Election Results 2012 ©Fanack

Kuwait - The Umayyads

pre modern kuwait kuwait umayyad map 01 3
The Umayyads ©Fanack

Kuwait - Dilmun

Kuwait from Antiquity to British Protectorate ©Fanack

Lebanon - Religious Groups under the French Mandate

french mandate Lebanon census1932 02 1
Religious Groups under the French Mandate ©Fanack

Lebanon - June War 1967

the june war of 1967 June war map 001 03
June War 1967 ©Fanack

Lebanon - Phoenician Times

phoenicians or canaanites lebanon phoenician map 001
A map of Lebanon in Phoenician times ©Fanack

Lebanon - The Ottoman Empire: Years of Autonomy (1516-1788)

the ottoman empire 1516 1914 Lebanon ottomanempiremap 03
The Ottoman Empire: years of autonomy (1516-1788) ©Fanack

Libya - Phoenician and Greek Colonies

Map of Libya showing Phoenician and Greek colonies in 700 BCE ©Fanack

Morocco - The Idrisid Dynasty

the monarchy morocco royalty tree 720 001
Click to enlarge. @Fanack ©Fanack

Morocco - The Almohads

the almohads morocco map history almohads2 318 01
The Almohads ©Fanack

Morocco - Berber Dynasties: the Almoravids

berber dynasties the almoravids morocco map history almoravids 318
Berber dynasties: the Almoravids ©Fanack

Oman - International Trade through the Arab World

maritime trade oman trade history map 04
Map of Saudi Arabia showing International trade in the Arab world in ancient times ©Fanack

Oman - The Imamates

The Imamates Oman Abbasid Map
A map of the Abbasid caliphate around 750 BCE ©Fanack

Jordan - Palestinian Refugees in 1949

1948 1949 arab israeli war Jordan Palestinian Refugees 1949 318
Map showing the number of Palestinian refugees fleeing in September 1949, and their path. ©Fanack

Palestine - The Wall on the West Bank

The Wall on the West Bank ©Fanack

Palestine - Arab Conquerors

Arab conquerors ©Fanack

Palestine - The June War of 1967

The June War of 1967 ©Fanack

Palestine - Crusaders

Crusaders ©Fanack

Palestine - The Nakba

the nakba UN partitionmap 1947 06 3c1ad23436
The Nakba ©Fanack

Qatar - The Coming of Islam

A map of Qatar in the 18th century ©Fanack

Qatar - Pre-Islamic History

pre islamic history qatar historymap1 01
Pre-Islamic history ©Fanack

Qatar - Ali Bin Khalifa’s Governorship

Ali bin Khalifa’s governorship ©Fanack

Saudi Arabia - Al Saud Expansion

ibn saud and the foundation of the kingdom sa map al saud 600 04 a0d2924ec1
Al Saud Expansion ©Fanack

Saudi Arabia -International trade in the Arab world

maritime trade oman trade history map 04
Map of Saudi Arabia showing International trade in the Arab world in ancient times ©Fanack

Sudan - Civil War in Darfur

Sudan Map Darfur 705
The map shows the regions of Darfur and the area affected by violence. ©Fanack

Syria - Cultural Heritage in Ruins

Syrian cultural heritage sites under threat due to war and extremism. ©Fanack

Syria - French Mandate

French Mandate ©Fanack

Syria - The Fertile Crescent

Map of Syria showing The Fertile Crescent around 7000 BCE ©Fanack

Tunisia - Constituent Assembly

the marzouki government tunisia parliament3 720
Tunisian Parliament ©Fanack

Tunisia - Expansion of Islam

the coming of islam tunisia history map 01
Expansion of Islam ©Fanack

Turkey - War of Independence

emergence of the turkish state turkey independence 1920 1922 720 map 1
The emergence of the Turkish State ©Fanack

Turkey - The Decline of the Ottoman Empire

decline of the ottoman empire turkey ottoman decline 720 02
The Decline of the Ottoman Empire ©Fanack

Turkey - Emergence of the Turkish State

Sevres map 1024
The 1920 Treaty of Sèvres. ©Fanack

Turkey - Syrian Refugees Increasingly Used as Bargaining Chips

Syrian Refugees and Border Crossings in Turkey
Syrian Refugees Increasingly Used as Bargaining Chips ©Fanack

Turkey - The Expansion of the Ottoman Empire

the ottoman era turkey ottoman expansion 720 003
The Expansion of the Ottoman Empire ©Fanack

Yemen - War in the North of Yemen

war in the north Yemen war north 01
War in the North of Yemen ©Fanack

Iraq - The Start of the Mosul Battle against IS

Iraq Mosul Map 705
Mosul Battle against IS ©Fanack

Syria - Aleppo Battle Map

Syria Allepo Map 02 1024
Aleppo Battle Map. Click to enlarge. © Fanack ©Fanack

Syria - Northern Aleppo Offensive

Syria Allepo Map 01 705 1
Northern Aleppo Offensive. Click to enlarge. © Fanack ©Fanack

Egypt - Tiran and Sanafir islands

Tiran Sanafir 1024 2
Map of Tiran and Sanafir islands. Click to enlarge. © Fanack ©Fanack
Fanack presents a series of infographics and maps of the Middle East and North Africa, with topics ranging from civilizations of the Middle East, to refugees and cultural heritage sites at risk.


Algeria - Workforce and Labour Migration

workforce and labour migration algeria unemployment
Infographic showing Unemployment per age group in Algeria in 2010 ©Fanack

Algeria - Infrastructure

infrastructure algeria infra map 600 644565592a
Map showing the Infrastructure of Algeria ©Fanack

Algeria - Energy

energy algeria oil 003 01
Infographic showing the average crude oil production in Algeria 1960-2011 ©Fanack

Algeria - Export

Infographic showing the export rates of Algeria from 2007-2013 ©Fanack

Economy of Bahrain – Labour Market

labour market bahrain labour force 720
Infographic showing Bahraini labour force by sector and nationality in % ©Fanack

Bahrain - Oil

oil bahrain economy oil 720
Inforgraphic showing Oil economy of Bahrain ©Fanack

Egypt - Tourism

tourism egypt tourism revenues 03
Infographic showing Tourism in Egypt ( visitors number 1995-2011) ©Fanack

Egypt - Suez Canal

public versus private sector egypt suez graphic 03
Infographic showing Suez Canal traffic, number of ships and tonnage, 1975-2011 ©Fanack

Egypt - Agriculture and Fisheries

agriculture and fisheries egypt economy agriculture 001
Agriculture production of Egypt in 2010 ©Fanack

Egypt - Oil Refining

industry oil refining and mining egypt oil gas 01
Infographic showing Oil sector production and consumption in Egypt ©Fanack

Iraq - Oil and Gas

oil and gas sector iraq oil production2 600 3a797e2eaf
Map showing Iraq oil fields and pipelines ©Fanack

Iraq - Agricultural Potential

agricultural potential iraq water arable3 318
Map showing Iraq land use ©Fanack


energy Oil Gas Wells 270110 01 dedf62e407
Map showing oil and gas wells in Israel ©Fanack

Jordan - Public Debt

basic figures Jordan economy 05 730 02 4a2a14a2eb
Infographic showing the amount of public debt in Jordan between 1990-2017 ©Fanack

Jordan - Construction

construction jordan construction sector 318
Infographic showing construction sector development in 2006-2010 in Jordan. ©Fanack

Jordan - Export and Import

position in the global market Jordan economy trade 730 7cd3949072
Infographic showing export and import figures of Jordan in 2011 ©Fanack

Jordan - Work Force and Labour Migration

work force and labour migration jordan labour force 318
Infographic showing work force and labour migration in Jordan ©Fanack

Jordan - Poverty

regional development Jordan poverty 318 01
Poverty in Jordan ©Fanack

Jordan - Tourism

tourism Jordan tourism 02 318 9611289ff3
Infographic showing tourism in Jordan over the years 1995-2010. ©Fanack

Jordan - Regional Development

regional development Jordan economic aid 01 730 01 61d11f9753
Economic Aid Received ©Fanack

Jordan - Industry

industry jordan industry 318
Infographic of the industrial sector in Jordan in 2010. ©Fanack

Kuwait - Infrastructure

infrastructure kuwait map infrastructure 600 d4960bf12b
Kuwait Infratstructure ©Fanack

Kuwait - Export and Import 2011

Kuwait Export and Import 2011 ©Fanack

Kuwait - Oil and Gas in the Divided Zone

kuwait oil issues infographic divided zone 1
Kuwait-Oil and Gas in the Divided Zone ©Fanack

Kuwait - GDP per capita in 2011

economy kuwait economy gdp imf 318
GDP per capita in 2011 ©Fanack

Kuwait - Fund for Arabic Economic Development

foreign aid kuwait foreign aid 01 73e97c3801
Kuwait fund for Arabic economic development ©Fanack

Kuwait - Production of Refined Oil

hydrocarbon sector kuwait oil 002 02
production of Refined Oil in Kuwait 2008 ©Fanack

Kuwait - Economy

economy kuwait economy gdp imf 318 1
An infographic showing the GPD per capita in 2011 in Kuwait ©Fanack

Kuwait -Oil and Gas Production

hydrocarbon sector kuwait oil 003 02
Oil and Gas Production in Kuwait 2008-2009 ©Fanack

Lebanon - Tourism

tourism lebanon tourism 0002 2013
Tourism in Lebanon ©Fanack

Libya - Greater Man Made River

land fertility libya water map01 318
Greater man made river ©Fanack

Libya - Oil Production

economic history libya oil 1961 720 03
Libyan Oil Production ©Fanack

Morocco - Export, Import and Trade Balance

position in the global market morocco import export3 720
Position in the Global Market ©Fanack

Oman - Oil Era

the oil era Oman oilgas map 01 1
Oman the oil era ©Fanack

Oman - Infrastructure Developments

Infrastructure Development in Oman ©Fanack

Oman - Gas and Oil Fields

Oil and Gas Fields ©Fanack

Qatar - Gas and Oil Fields

economic sectors qatar 4.1 gasmap 01
Qas and Oil ©Fanack

Qatar - Economy

economy qatar economy 400 02 7aa6d61fe6
Economy ©Fanack

Qatar - Infrastructure

infrastructure and transport qatar infrastructure 400 02 81b3f27f62
Infrastructure ©Fanack

Saudi Arabia - OPEC Overview

energy sector sa opec map 03
OPEC – Overview ©Fanack

Sudan - Manpower

sudan governance manpower 2016 final 1
Manpower in Sudan ©Fanack

Sudan - Crude Oil Production

sudan economy oil production per year 1
Crude Oil Production ©Fanack

Sudan - GDP Growth

Sudan Map InfraStructure 1024 500x623 1
Infratstructure ©Fanack

Syria - Infrastructure

infrastructure syria map5 economy 37d69b38ca
Infrastructure ©Fanack

Syria - Unemployment

workforce and labour migrations syria unemployed 01 dd3301ecc7
Percentage distribution of unemployment ©Fanack

Syria - GDP Growth

basic figures syria gdp 2013 01
GDP Growth ©Fanack

Syria - Oil and Gas Fields

natural resources Syria oil map 03
Oil and Gas Fields in Syria ©Fanack

Syria - Vegetation

agriculture Syria vegetation map 03
Vegetation in Syria ©Fanack

Tunisia - Natural Resources

natural resources tunisia natural resources map001 400 1cb2006d9f
Natural Resources ©Fanack

Tunisia - Migrants in 2011

workforce and labour migration tunisia migrants per gov 318 03
Tunisian Migrants per Region ©Fanack

Tunisia - Olive Oil Production

agriculture tunisia olive oil 720 02
Olive Oil Production ©Fanack

Tunisia - Export and Import in 2011

position in the global market tunisia import export type country0001 720 02
Export and Import in 2011 ©Fanack

Turkey - Labour Force

economy turkey labour force 03
Agricultural vs. Non-Agricultural Sector, in % ©Fanack

Turkey - Exports & Imports in 2012

economy turkey economy 000001
Turkey’s Exports & Imports in 2012 ©Fanack

Turkey - Infrastructure

infrastructure turkey oil gas 800 d3205302c3
Oil and Gas Pipelines ©Fanack

Turkey - GDP and Labour Force per Sector

trade and banking Turkey gdp labour service sector 318 02
GDP and Labour Force per Sector ©Fanack

Turkey - Oil and Gas Pipelines

infrastructure turkey oil gas 800 d3205302c3
Oil and Gas Pipelines ©Fanack

Turkey - Tourism

tourism turkey tourism airports3 720
Visitors in Turkey by Air (2012) ©Fanack

UAE - Tourism

tourism uae economy tourism 001 02
Tourists visiting Dubai by nationality in 2011 ©Fanack

UAE - Oil and Gas Production

oil and gas uae oil gas 03
Oil and gas production, consumption and export in the UAE ©Fanack

UAE - Trade

trade uae economy export 02
GDP: economic sectors and trade in the UAE ©Fanack

UAE - Industrial Sector

industrial sector uae industrial sector 001 02
Industrial Plants by Location and Sector ©Fanack

Yemen - Oil and Gas Fields

oil and gas Yemen oilmap 318 02
Oil and Gas Fields ©Fanack

Yemen- Export

oil and gas Yemen economy oil 730 49350bc3f8
Oil and Gas Export ©Fanack

Yemen - Fishing

fishery Yemen fish map2 730 02 d4b70018e3
Fishing in Yemen ©Fanack

Yemen - Coffee Production

coffee Yemen coffee 01 730 02 fa80f09bfd
Coffee Production ©Fanack


Algeria - Land Fertility

land fertility algeria agriculture 720
Map showing land fertility and cultivation distribution ©Fanack

Algeria - Geography and Climate

geography and climate algeria climatecharts 002
Map of Algeria showing average temperature and rainfall per month ©Fanack

Bahrain – Natural Resources

natural resources bahrain natural resources1 map 318
Map of Bahrain showing The Natural Resources ©Fanack

Bahrain - Air and Water Pollution

air and water pollution bahrain CO2 emissions world 720
Map showing World Top 20 CO2 emissions per country in metric tons per capita ©Fanack

Egypt - Climate

geography and climate egypt climatecharts 003
Map of Egypt showing average temperature and rainfall per month ©Fanack

Egypt - Sinai

sinai Egypt sinai map 318
Map of Egypt showing Sinai and Suez canal ©Fanack

Iran - Oil and Gas

oil and gas Iran map 600 oil 02 9864f187d0
Map of Iran showing Oil and gas fields ©Fanack

Iran – Earthquakes

earthquakes iran tectonicworldmap001 720
Map showing Tectonic plates and seismic movements in Iran ©Fanack

Iraq - Enormous War Damage

draining the marshes iraq marshes3 318
Map of Iraq showing the Marshes ©Fanack

Iraq - Water

limited water supply iraq water bassin 600 091d807708 1
Map of Iraq showing The Euphrates – Tigris Water Basin ©Fanack

Jordan - Natural Resources: Oil Shale

natural resources jordan oil shale map 318
Map showing Jordan Shale oil occurences ©Fanack

Jordan - Natural Resources: Uranium Deposits

natural resources jordan uranium map 318
Map showing Uranium Deposits in Jordan ©Fanack

Jordan - Natural Resources

nature reserves Jordan reserves map 318
Map showing Nature Reserves of Jordan ©Fanack

Jordan - Geographical Features

state borders Jordan map 0001 3bd56d5cd9 1
Map showing geographical features of Jordan ©Fanack

Jordan - Rainfall

climate Jordan rainfall map 318 01 7fab194070
Map showing average rainfall in millimeters in Jordan ©Fanack

Jordan - The Highlands

highlands Jordan highland map2 318
Map showing The Highlands of Jordan ©Fanack

Kuwait - Urbanized Areas

urbanization kuwait urbanisation map 318 02
Kuwait Urbanized Areas ©Fanack

Kuwait - Climate Charts

geography and climate Kuwait city skyline desert climate 730 daf8d7cf6a
Kuwait Climate Charts ©Fanack

Lebanon - Natural Resources

natural resources lebanon rivers nat resources map 02
Natural Resources. Lebanon ©Fanack

Lebanon - Climate Chart Beirut

geography and climate israel climatechart beirut
Climate Chart Beirut ©Fanack

Lebanon - Geography

geography and climate Libanon map1 climate 500 a3b54ad167
A map of Lebanon showing geographical and climate features ©Fanack

Libya - Average temperature and rainfall per month

geography and climate libya climatecharts 002
Average temperature and rainfall per month ©Fanack

Libya - Regions

geography and climate libya regions map 318
Libyan Regions ©Fanack

Map of Libya

state borders libya geography map001 800 f4915d91bc
Map of Libya ©Fanack

Morocco - Border Disputes

border disputes morocco gibraltar map 720
Border Disputes ©Fanack

Oman - Muscat climate chart

geography and climate Oman climatechart muscat
Muscat climate chart ©Fanack

Oman - Nature Reserves

nature reserves Oman map2 naturalreserves 1
Nature Reserves ©Fanack

Palestine - Geography

Palestine Geography ©Fanack

Palestine - Climate

pal climateNW 400 9dd16912a11
Palestine Climate ©Fanack

Qatar - Climate Chart

geography and climate qatar climatechart doha
Qatar- Climate Chart ©Fanack

Qatar - Gas Reserves

natural resources qatar oil gasreserves 03
Gas Reserves ©Fanack

Saudi Arabia - Climate

geography and climate sa climatecharts 318 02
Climate Charts ©Fanack

Saudi Arabia - Nature Reserves

biodiversity and natural environment sa wildlife reserves map 01
Nature Reserves ©Fanack

Saudi Arabia - Oil and Gas Resources

natural resources sa map infrastructure 0001 01 fe1b03b5df
Oil and Gas Resources ©Fanack

Syria - Climate Chart

geography and climate syria climatechart damascus
Climate Chart-Damascus ©Fanack

Syria - Nature Reserves

nature reserves syria protareas map 002 01 b06fde80e4
Protected Areas in Syria ©Fanack

Turkey - Climate Chart

geography and climate turkey climatecharts 002 01
Average Temperature and Rainfall per City ©Fanack

Turkey- Earthquakes

earthquakes turkey topten eartquakes 03
Earthquakes in Turkey by Fatality (20th Century) ©Fanack

Turkey - Nature Reserves

biodiversity and natural environment turkey nature reserves map 720
Nature Reserves ©Fanack

UAE - Oil and Gas Industry

oil and gas uae oil gas map 600 02 7e43ef0b97
Oil and Gas Industry ©Fanack

UAE - Dubai Climate Charts

geography and climate uae climatecharts 01
Dubai Climate Charts ©Fanack

UAE - Natural Resources

natural resources uae map natural resources 600 02 ca4f4e9078
UAE natural resources Geography UAE – Oil Gas Reserves ©Fanack

UAE - proven oil and gas reserves

natural resources uae oil gasreserves 01 1
UAE- proven oil and gas reserves ©Fanack

Yemen - Nature Reserves

Nature Reserves ©Fanack

Yemen - Climate Chart

geography and climate Yemen geography climate 001 f3dd926c3d
Climate Chart ©Fanack

Yemen - Rainfall

geography and climate Yemen anualrain map 02
Rainfall in Yemen ©Fanack


Algeria - Population growth in Algeria

population algeria population2 318
Map showing the Population growth in Algeria 1960-2012 ©Fanack

Bahrain - Nationalities Groups

foreigners and non nationals bah asian population 318
Inforgraphic showing Nationality groups of Bahraini population ©Fanack

Egypt - Overpopulation

overpopulation egypt population density 318
Map showing population density in Egypt ©Fanack

Iran - Ethnic and religious groups

Infographic showing Ethnic groups of Iran ©Fanack

Iran - Areas of Habitation

Map of Iran showing the Population Density ©Fanack

Iran - Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons

refugees and internally displaced persons Iran unhcr camps map 318
Map showing Iran UNHCR refugee camps ©Fanack

Iraq - Internally displaced persons and refugees

Map of Iraq showing internationally displaced persons and refugees ©Fanack

Iraq - The Clergy

the clergy Iraq shia sites map 03
Map showing important Shiite mosques in Iraq ©Fanack

Israel - Fragmentation

Map of Israel 1947-1949 ©Fanack

Israel - Population

historical palestine Israel populated areas 400 5efefea25c
Map showing the populated areas in Israel ©Fanack

Israel - Current Population

current population israel population map 03
Map showing Israeli population per district in millions ©Fanack

Jordan - Druze Communities in the Levant

ethnic and religious groups jordan druze map 400 7bf32321ac
Map showing Druze communities in the Levant ©Fanack

Jordan - Ethnic and Religious Groups

ethnic and religious groups jordan ethnic religious groups2 318 02
Inforgraphic showing ethnic groups in Jordan ©Fanack

Jordan - Population

population jordan amman growth map 600 02 8ff0197295
A map showing the growth of Amman since 1925 ©Fanack

Kuwait - Refugees

refugees kuwait refugeees 01
Refugees in Kuwait ©Fanack

Qatar - Populated Areas

areas of habitation Qatar populated areas 400 05c75b01de
Areas of Habitation ©Fanack

Saudi Arabia - Pilgrims

ethnic groups sa pilgrims 318 05
Pilgrims ©Fanack

Sudan - Population Growth

sudan population population growth and life expentancy 1986 2014 3 420x281 1
Population Growth compared to Life Expectancy ©Fanack

Syria - Migration since 1948

refugees in syria syria migration map 01
Refugees in Syria ©Fanack

Turkey - Population Growth

Population Growth ©Fanack

UAE - Population Growth

population uae population 002
UAE population growth 2006-2010, nationals to non-nationals ©Fanack

Yemen - Population Growth

Population Growth in Yemen ©Fanack


Algeria - Local Government

local government algeria provinces 001
Map showing the 48 provinces of Algeria ©Fanack

Bahrain - Political Societies

political societies bahrain political parties 720
Inforgraphic showing Political Societies in Bahrain ©Fanack

Kuwait - Royal Family

administration politics kuwait royalfamily 720
Kuwait-Royal Family ©Fanack

Kuwait - National Assembly

the legislative kuwait elections2 2012 02
National Assembly after 2012 Election ©Fanack

Lebanon - Religious Groups

the legislative lebanon parliament 03
Religious Groups. Lebanon ©Fanack

Libya - Corruption

Corruption ©Fanack

Libya - Corruption

corruption libya corruption perception index 318
Corruption ©Fanack

Lebanon - Districts

Lebanon Districts ©Fanack

Libya - General National Congress

the legislative libya elections 2012 x
Libyan National Congress ©Fanack

Morocco - Administrative Regions

local government morocco regions3 map 720 01
Administrative Regions ©Fanack

Morocco - Royal Family

the monarchy morocco royalty tree 720 002
Royal Family ©Fanack

Oman - Governorates and regions

governorates and regions Oman governorates regions map01 01
Governorates and regions ©Fanack

Saudi Arabia - Royal Family Tree

the house of saud SA royal family tree 0004 01
Royal Family Tree ©Fanack

UAE - Rulers of the 7 Emirates

the executive uae emirates rulers map03 720 1
Rulers of the 7 Emirates ©Fanack

Yemen - Governorates

scope of government Yemen governorates map 730 825837a230
Governorates of Yemen ©Fanack

Sudan - 18 States

Sudan Governance Map 700
Map showing Sudan's 18 states and their capitals ©Fanack


Family Law and Minorities - Homosexuality in the Arab World: A Grim Situation with Rays of Hope

Homosexuality in the Arab World: A Grim Situation with Rays of Hope ©Fanack

Extremism - How Strong is the Islamic State?

Islamic State provinces and attacks between 29 June 2014 and 22 June 2015. ©Fanack

Refugees - Refugees in the Middle East & North Africa

Impact of Refugees Middle East 1024 1
Socio-economic impact of refugees on countries in the region and their countries of origin. ©Fanack

Civilisations of the Middle East

A chronological overview of the civilisations of the Middle East, from ancient times to the signing of the Sykes-Picot Agreement in 1916 ©Fanack

The Middle East and North Africa

Interactive map of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) ©Fanack

Role of the GCC

role of the gcc uae gcc map 35 1
Role of the GCC ©Fanack

Extremism - The Increase of Terror Attacks in the Middle East

3 World map terrorism 705 2
Terrorist Attacks perpetrated by IS and al-Qaeda. ©Fanack

Extremism - Number of terrorist attacks and fatalities in the MENA region compared to Europe

1 Terrorism attacks fatalities 1024
Number of terrorist attacks and fatalities in the MENA region compared to Europe. ©Fanack

Extremism - Geographical distribution of Al-Qaeda and Islamic State

3a ISIS and al Quada 1024
Al-Qaeda and Islamic State ©Fanack

Number of fatalities due to terrorist attacks per country in the MENA region

2 Terrorism fatalities per year 1024
Number of fatalities due to terrorist attacks per country in the MENA region ©Fanack

Christians in the Middle East

Christians MENA 1024
Christians in the Middle East and North Africa ©Fanack

Sykes-Picot Agreement

Sykes Picot map 1024

Treaty of Sèvres

Sevres map 1024 2
معاهدة سيفر عام 1920. ©Fanack ©Fanack

Treaty of Lausanne

Lausanne map 1024 2
Treaty of Lausanne ©Fanack

Walled Off: The Rising Popularity of Border Barriers

MENA walls E 1024 1
Border Barriers ©Fanack


Algeria - Education

education algeria education index
Infographic showing UNDP Education Index Selected Arab contries 1980 – 2011 ©Fanack

Egypt - Health

health egypt health expenditures1 720
Infographic showing Egypt health statistics ©Fanack

Egypt - Poverty

poverty Egypt Poor 01
Infographic showing Poverty in Egypt, Urban and rural areas 2000-2005 ©Fanack

Jordan - Education

education Jordan education 318 02
Infographic showing HDI education rank and average school years in Jordan ©Fanack